Tohoku EPCO repowering

[last updated 5/10  21:00]

Here are some graphs showing the evolution of Tohoku Electric Power Company repowering efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

This page won’t be updated anymore, but you can find all related data (published by Tohoku EPCO) in this online Excel workbook.

Major developments:

  • [03/11] Nearly 5 million people were cut from electricity supply on Tohoku EPCO area after the Great East Japan Earthquake .
  • [03/18] Barely 1 week after the big quake Tohoku EPCO had restored supply to the vast majority of households.
  • [04/07] Largest replica since 3/11 takes down nearly 4 million households that had been recently repowered; this time the utility took barely 2 days to bring them back !
  • [05/06] Tohoku EPCO finally reached a point where nearly all recoverable households have been reconnected to the electrical network: 130k remain without electricity for some of the reasons stated on the graphs bellow. As you can see, the majority of those have either been destroyed or remain within #FNPP1 exclusion zone.

For quake magnitude indications:
  • M‘ denotes Richter scale magnitude, i.e. energy released by the quake
  • S‘ denotes Japanese Shindo scale magnitude, i.e. actual acceleration experienced by the ground surface. Indicated value is the maximum of all those registered within Japan. It is worth noting that the scale tops at 7, so the first quake saturated it.

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